Bring / Curtains


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2023 repress, 12″, Hemlock Recordings.

Rohan of Randomer’s return to the Hemlock label is heralded with Bring/Curtains, a club ready 12″ described amusingly as “two iceberg sized hunks of pure stereo freeze”. Randomer’s been relatively busy this year, issuing a Surgeon approved white label and inaugurating Turbo’s Sex Tags aping Warehouse series but it’s great to see him back on Untold’s Hemlock label for whom Randomer’s done some of his best work. “Bring” will be familiar to those who regularly listen to Hessle Audio’s Rinse FM show, first making a recorded appearance way back in May, demonstrates an icier, slightly deranged side to Randomer that’s not been seen before. Accompanying it is “Curtains” which is blessed with the following wonderful description from the Hemlock press office; “A slo-mo steppers cut that’s darker and sparser than George Osborne’s mailbox on Valentines. Cold.” – Juno