Is This Desire?


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2021 reissue, 12″ LP, Island/Universal Music Group.

It has been said before that Polly Jean Harvey’s 1998 album, Is This Desire, marked a watershed moment in her career. A veritable coming of age record that failed to match the commercial heights of To Bring You My Love, but was actually a far more complete and personal thing. Less angry than preceding efforts, it painted a more balanced and accurate portrait of an artist whose formative years were pockmarked with media analysis and criticism of her visible powerful attributes – sexuality and fury.  Coupled with the fact that Harvey has never been one to pander to scenes in the hope of top ten chart success, and you can only imagine how happy she was with the finished product. And all this is before we start banging on about the musicality, from title track’s subtle, hushed baritone blues to the garage rock-out of ‘A Perfect Day Elise’. – Juno

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