Continuous Miracles Vol. 2


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2023, 12″ LP, The State51 Conspiracy.

Avant-garde supergroup Better Corners hit on a sublime stride with their atmospheric post-everything second album. Dream team trio Better Corners – Valentina Magaletti, Sarah Register and Matthew Simms – here complete a staggering new album, Continuous Miracles: Vol. 2, for The state51 Conspiracy; where their debut joyfully opened the door to a brand new room, this one strides purposefully inside. Renowned drummer/percussionist Magaletti (Holy Tongue, Vanishing Twin, Moin), avant rock musician and in demand mastering engineer Register (Kim Gordon, Talk Normal) and multi-instrumentalist and modular obsessed Simms (Wire, MEMORIALS) inject an all-too-rare sense of childlike wonder and joy into their own inimitable collage of experimental rock, wonky dream pop, analog ambient, tape experimentation, avant percussion, modular electronics and noise music. – Juno

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