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2023 reissue, 12″ LP, 4AD.

In many ways, Lovelife represented a commercial high for British dream pop deities turned indie pogo set Lush. Reaching number eight in the UK album charts upon release, only the band’s second album (technically their first full-length LP, with one compilation of singles and a mini-long player preceding it) managed to place higher, and while it was very much caught in a specific musical moment – shoegaze – it still felt rather experimental. Or maybe that’s just true of the style overall. Regardless, leap four years into the future and things sound a lot different. Britpop’s stranglehold on the charts was at max tought, and with their final album Lush jumped straight in with two feet. Clearly influenced by the high energy, big attitude ethic of the day, signs of which were evident on third album, Split, on Lovelife they managed to create one of the scene’s defining albums, with anthems such as ‘Ladykillers’ and ‘Ciao!’ (featuring Jarvis Cocker, no less) among the highlights. – Juno

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