Mantis 12


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2023, 12″ EP, Delsin.

Three years on from the series’ inaugural 12-inch – a superb collection of cuts from Forest Drive West, Delsin’s Mantis Series notches up its 12th release. It comes courtesy of Nullfunkt contributors RVSHES, AKA Dylan Brownsword and James Parker. To our ears, it seems to have two inspirations: twisted, polyrhythmic techno of the sort associated with the likes of Livity Sound and Timedance, and the cyclical, marimba-heavy American minimalism of Steve Reich. It’s a smart formula that the pair explore expertly over six differing variations on a theme. Comparse and contrast, for example, the intoxicating, mind-altering drum-work of ‘RHS III’, the acid-laden polyrhythmic hallucination that is ‘RHS IV’, the melodious and delay-laden shuffle of ‘RHS II’, and the pulsating, echoing, genuinely psychedelic techno stomp of ‘RHS VI’. – Juno

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