Never Let Me Go


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2022, 2×12″ LP, So Recordings.

It’s not easy to articulate how much anticipation surrounded Never Let Me Go when it arrived in March 2022. Three years in the making (well, probably more, but recorded between 2019 and 2021), it broke around a decade of silence from the iconic epic rock band, marking their eighth studio album, and when we say ‘broke’, we really do mean breaking things. Big, emotionally-charged, stadium-filling things, that somehow resonate with a cross-generational audience united in the simple fact they’re all humans. Placebo have always been something of an oxymoron. Granted, not in the truest sense, nevertheless, it’s hard to think of many guitar outfits that have simultaneously managed to sound so niche, while mastering the art of mass crossover appeal. Never Let Me Go only adds to their arsenal of weaponry, anthems-in-the-making, destined to soundtrack everything from births to breakups. – Juno