Red Sky


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2022, 12″ EP, Hessle Audio.

Pearson Sound returns to Hessle Audio with a varied new EP over a range of tempos. Lead track ‘Red Sky’ combines a euphoric arpeggio and a growling bassline, with tough breakbeat foundations setting the pulse. Equally as effective deployed during peak time rushes as it is soundtracking a sunrise. ‘Sinkhole’ pairs crisp swung drums with an earworm of a bassline, while dubbed out echoes ping around the stereo field. On the flipside, ‘Freefall’ features eerie samples from Delia Derbyshire and Barry Bermange’s 1960s ‘Dreams’ BBC radio broadcast, surrounded with droning pads and punchy 909s to hypnotic effect. Finally ‘Around in Circles’, a 160bpm excursion echoing some of Pearson Sound’s earlier ‘Autonomic’ work for Darkestral, brings the EP to a satisfying close with its yearning melodies and percussive drive.

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