Gold and blue ‘butterfly’ colored vinyl

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2021 reissue, 2×12″ LP, Relapse Records. “Butterfly wings” w/ gold splatter colored vinyl.

Call of the Mastodon collects the influential Atlanta metal band’s earliest recordings. Remixed and remastered by longtime engineer Matt Washburn, five of the nine cuts, “Shadows That Move,” “Welcoming War,” “We Built This Come Death,” “Hail to Fire,” and “Battle at Sea,” appeared on the group’s 2001 debut EP, Lifesblood. The other four sound like they were from the same sessions, and rely heavily on the group’s trademark bone-crushing rhythmic assault. Even in their formative stage, Mastodon — few groups manage to do such justice to their moniker — sound like seasoned vets, and while there may be nothing as seamless as 2004’s “Blood & Thunder” or “Megalodon,” Call of the Mastodon is a brutal blueprint for the group’s signature Metallica-meets-grindcore mayhem. – All Music

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