The NID Tapes: Electronic Music From India 1969-1972


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2023, 2×12″ compilation LP, The State51 Conspiracy.

The NID Tapes is a collection of early Indian electronic music uncovered at the archives of the National Institute of Design (NID) in Ahmedabad, India. The compilation includes works by Gita Sarabhai, I.S. Mathur, Atul Desai, S.C. Shama and Jinraj Joshipura, who worked at India’s first electronic music studio founded at the NID in 1969, with support from the New York composer David Tudor. A throwback to the early days of analog composition, the compilation escapes the usual tendency towards Eurocentrism in championing this field, and showcases the collective’s experiments with Moog synthesizer, tape collage, vocal techniques and field recordings – creating a unique fusion of Western and Indian avant-garde traditions.

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